Hardwood Floors Vs Laminate Wood Floors

In case you reside in Miami or South Florida typically and are contemplating changing your flooring with wooden flooring, take the time to do your homework on whether or not you must select hardwood flooring or laminate wooden flooring. Whilst you could desire the look of a hardwood over laminate wooden, there are variations within the set up, upkeep and put on and tear of every kind of flooring. Contemplating the subtropical local weather in South Florida, one specific Engineering wood flooring choice could emerge as the fitting selection.


It’s true that hardwood flooring are made out of actual wooden and due to this fact have the look of actual wooden. In northern states, hardwood flooring work, however the issue with putting in hardwood in South Florida is the humidity. Hardwood retains moisture, which may trigger the ground to warp. This isn’t to say the expense of hardwood over laminate or that putting in hardwood flooring is extra difficult than putting in laminate wooden flooring. Tougher set up additionally means you are not solely going to pay extra for the supplies, however you are additionally going to pay extra for the set up.


Whereas laminate wooden flooring aren’t actual or pure wooden, most of these wooden flooring have a number of advantages, particularly in South Florida. The wooden materials look alike used to create laminate flooring tends to be water resistant, which is an enormous bonus in South Florida with the humidity, rain, flooding and hurricanes. Second, wooden laminate is simpler to put in than hardwood flooring, so you aren’t solely going to pay much less for the supplies however you are additionally going to avoid wasting on the set up. The draw back of those flooring is that the wooden laminate can chip, however it doesn’t scratch and dent like hardwood flooring do.

Hardwood vs. Laminate Wooden Flooring


Moisture: Humidity and moisture warps the wooden (HINT: South Florida is VERY humid.).

Set up: Tough

Sturdiness: Dents, scratches and fades, however will be refinished.

Longevity: 80 years


Moisture: Most are water resistant, however test with the producer or provider.

Set up: Simpler to put in than hardwood and comes with choices for set up, together with glue-less.

Sturdiness: Doesn’t dent and scratch, however can chip. Refinishing is feasible with some wooden laminates.

Longevity: 20 years

In much less humid and moist areas of the nation hardwood flooring is a positive selection. With the excessive humidity and water points South Florida offers with every day, wooden laminate positively pulls out forward because the main selection for wooden flooring.

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